nWave builds on excitement

November 24th, 2016 / Category : News

InPark visited with Janine Baker during IAAPA to find out how the Expo, and nWave, are evolving.

IPM: What do you think of the 2016 IAAPA Expo?

Janine Baker: It is an interesting show with all the VR available. We had lots of Giant Screen Cinema folks come to the show to see what’s new. They are interested in VR, and have been impressed by it. There is so much crossover in all these markets and so much available here at the Expo for everyone to experience. The folks on the institution side that I spoke to have been very enthusiastic about what they saw at the show.

IPM: Is VR changing your role?

Janine Baker: We will always be the content providers, but the platform is what will change. The platform is always changing, and will continue to do so. Amusement parks are still really into 4D theaters. Science centers and museums are looking a little bit more broadly at platforms right now.

IPM: Will VR replace the cinema experience?

Janine Baker: Absolutely not. We have had just as many people planning to open 4D theaters this year as in years past. Ultimately, people are seeking out excitement. Excitement from the guests leads to opportunity for the provider. And that’s where we will be available to step in and help.